Enduro 2.0 Shirt SS Men

Enduro 2.0 Shirt SS Men

Enduro 2.0 Shirt SS Men

A comfortable cycling shirt specially developed for biking in rough terrain.

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A durable cycling shirt with shorter sleeves made for cycling on rough terrain. The shirt has comfortable and breathing materials to offer great comfort even at high intensity levels. It sits loosely on the body and is therefore perfect for mountain biking. It can also be used for running. 

The Enduro 2.0 is an updated version of the Enduro shirt. The new model has a new and modern design and is made of more elastic materials for increased comfort. It also has longer sleeves, which reach almost down to the elbow to prevent friction. There are extra breathable areas under the arms to transport sweat away from the skin and give an airier feeling. With this you don't have to worry about annoying materials or flaps around your neck or chin. 

The cycling shirt has a normal fit, which means that it should sit loosely on the body and not feel restrictive in any way.

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