Venom Bib Shorts Men

Venom Bib Shorts Men

Venom Bib Shorts Men

Cycling bib shorts for autumn and winter rides.

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The cycling shorts are perfect for everyone who wants warmth and comfort on cold and rainy days and on cycling trips in snow and slush. The winter shorts are highly wind and water resistant, and they are developed in a breathable material that provides both good comfort and ventilation. The cycling shorts have a soft and lined inside that feels comfortable and warm. The elastic Lycra bibs also have a lined inside for good comfort. 

The fitted Italian Elastic Interface padding is fitted and has zones with different densities to provide the best possible protection while providing great mobility. 

You can also find wide anti-slip band around the thighs, flat lock seams and a large reflective field on the back for increased visibility in the dark. The recommended range of use is from -10 to +10 with a layer below when the scale creeps below +/-0. 

These shorts allow good mobility and fit most people, but they have a tight fit and will therefore sit close to the body.

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